Alcosense® Verity Personal Breathalyser (White) AS3547 Certified


Introducing the AlcoSense Verity Personal Breathalyser, a compact and reliable device designed to provide accurate alcohol breath testing for users of all ages. This breathalyser is certified to meet the rigorous Australian Standard AS3547, ensuring its accuracy and reliability.

With its fast response time, the AlcoSense Verity is ready for use within 3 seconds of turning it on, and you can obtain your results within just 10 seconds. This efficient performance is made possible by its fuel-cell sensor, which delivers precise readings.

The AlcoSense Verity is designed for convenience and portability. Its hassle-free design allows you to carry it anywhere – whether it’s in your pocket, bag, or car. The device even features a unique, built-in hidden mouthpiece for personal use. You can also share it with a friend using any of the free additional mouthpieces provided.

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