Alcosense® Nexus Personal Breathalyser With Bluetooth Mobile App AS3547 Certified


Introducing the AlcoSense® Nexus, the ultimate solution for accurate and reliable alcohol-specific BAC readings. Designed with user experience and dependability in mind, the Nexus is a portable breathalyzer that offers seamless connectivity with your smartphone via our innovative iSOBER application. Whether you’re an individual looking to track your own alcohol consumption or an employer seeking to monitor your employees’ breath alcohol data, the Nexus combined with the iSOBER app provides the perfect solution.

The Nexus is equipped with a large industrial-grade fuel cell sensor, ensuring fast and precise readings in just 5 seconds. It is certified to meet the stringent Australian Standard AS3547, guaranteeing the highest level of accuracy. With a BAC range of 0.000% to 0.400%, the Nexus provides comprehensive coverage for a wide range of testing scenarios.

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